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Welcome to - the presentation platform for our DIGITAL SCULPTURE PROJECT.

This  Website was set up to report on our ongoing project and add the third dimension to the presentation of the work of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917) and some of his contemporaries over the Internet.

Since November 2001, our team has visited 12 Museums in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Poland to document the various versions of sculptural subjects by Rodin and other artists, like Carpeaux, Bourdelle, Claudel and Maillol, by means of stereophotography and 3D measurements. These methods permit, for example, to create highly accurate spatial representations of the scanned sculptures and compare these to each other in all details. This way, important questions about originality and authenticity of these sculptures can be answered, among others. Already in December 2003, we have been able to create an exact morphological comparison of two monumental Thinker plasters in France and Poland respectively.

Apart from the two monumental Thinkers, we have recorded a number of other similar or identical-looking sculpture pairs, like two medium-size Eves, two Masks of the Man with the Broken Nose, two Polyphems, two Caryatids, etc. which will allow us to make a comparative analysis of these subjects as well. We have also scanned a medium-size plaster Thinker (72 cm high), that will allow us to compare Rodin's original model to the later enlargement by his assistant LeBossé.

For a little preview, take a look at our report on our visit to STRASBOURG and our STEREO PICTURES of Rodin's Thinker, as well as the report of our survey of an Eve plaster in HEILBRONN.

A report on all visits and evaluations will be published as part of a planned PhD thesis by Hans de Roos. On our CHRONOLOGY page, we have published some recent pictures to give you a first impression of our various trips.

The project was initiated by, an independent academic platform about Rodin.  Another sister site is - a Website especially dedicated to our research on Rodin's enlarged Thinker. You can read more about our projects under OUTLINE. Our team presents itself under ABOUT US.

This project was made possible by the enthusiasm of many people, who supported us and supplied us with information. Moreover, we have been able to win several corporate partners, that equip us with high-end technical equipment or supply newly developed interactive technologies to present our results over the Internet.


Breuckmann GmbH


 Anagramm GmbH


Linhof Precision Cameras GmbH

Duwe - 3D Software & Consulting

Dinkel Fotogroßhandel GmbH

interactive technologies

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For any questions and comments, you can always reach us by e-mail.

Hans de Roos & the Digital Sculpture Project Team is a SIUG member in the VIHAP3D platform for cultural heritage projects, coordinated by the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken, Germany and supported by the European Community's IST-Programme.


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