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The Toronto SymposiumRead more about the Toronto Rodin Symposium

In October 2001, the Rodin-Web was invited to speak at a public Rodin Symposium in Toronto, to discuss the question, "What is an orginal Rodin?". Special attention was paid to a collection of Rodin plasters from the former Rudier Foundry, that since 1902 had been the official founder for Rodin Read "Rodin at the R.O.M. - What is the Original"and for the Musée Rodin. 

In the framework of this Symposium and the discussion among Rodin experts that followed, we have tried to find out more about the precise provenance and age of these plasters. We also explored their morphological quality, as compared to reference plasters in other collections in Europe and the USA. 

You can read more about this under and, where fragments of a larger report are published.


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