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Survey of the large Thinker plaster cast in Strasbourg (3)

Our anaglyph stereo pictures allow you to see the Strasbourg Thinker sculpture in 3D without any special software. All you need is need is a simple pair of red-cyan glasses (click this icon to read how you can obtain them).

By clicking one of the links below, you will load a fullscreen stereo picture of the Strasbourg Thinker plaster. If you do not have have a DSL connection, please allow for according loading time. To close the fullscreen window again, just click the large image.

Half profile view (dexter side):

1024 pixel high      768 pixel high     600 pixel high

Frontal view:

1024 Pixel high      768 Pixel high     600 Pixel high

Lateral view (sinister side):

1024 Pixel high      768 Pixel high     600 Pixel high


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Thinker plaster, Strasbourg
Half profile view
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