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Survey of Eve Medium size plaster in Heilbronn  (2)

Eve and Breuckmann 3D Sensor, 
in Sculpture Museum Heilbronn.
All photos and graphics: H. de Roos


The 3D files were post-processed with Optocat, to fill smaller holes und create .STL files, that can be used for various orthogonal measurements. Putting the virtual model in front of an orthogonal grid confirms a height of ca. 72 cm, as mentioned in the Museum´s catalogue. 

According to our measurements, the plaster is 71.8 cm high. A more precise determination of the dimension "Height" makes no sense, since the down side of the base is not completely flat in itself.

This height also confirms the similarity to the terracotta example in the Munich Neue Pinakothek. The medium-sized Eve plasters in San Francisco and Toronto are ca. 76 cm high; moreover, they show differences in the modelling of the hair.

The virtual model also enable us to measure the distance between two freely selected points of the sculpture, either along a line or along the surface of the statue.

Mesh representation of Eve (Detail)

Once we have digitized various examples and versions of the Eve subject, we will be able to create digital models that express the exact difference between the two object in a three-dimensional way.

Presentation of Eve in Polyworks Viewer, with an orthogonal grid. 
This way we can accurately
measure the height of the object.


Positioning the sensor to 
capture details of Eve´s hair

Stripe projection
during 3D recording

Dr B. Breuckmann, Curator 
A. Ludwig, Director A. Pfeiffer.



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