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Our Partners

Our project is backed by high-resolution digital photography and classical archive research, to learn more about the history of single sculpture copies. At the moment, we are doing archive research about the art collectors that donated Thinker plasters to the Museums in Dresden (1904) and Posen (1905).
In co-operation with the Archive of the Art Academy and the National Archive, Berlin, we have been able to reconstruct the family background of Peter-Walther Uhle now, who donated the Thinker in Poznan.


For the photography part, we have won the support of Anagramm GmbH, a company near Munich that has developed high resolution digital camera scanbacks (7000 x 9000 pixel and more), especially for Museum reproduction purposes. This company will equip us with a special Linfof 4x5" precision camera, special flicker-free HMI lights and a high-end "Salvadore" scanback, altogether worth ca. 40,000 Euro.

To capture geometry data, we cooperate with Breuckmann GmbH, a compay based in Meersburg in South-Germany. Breuckmann has developed scanning devices that acquire 3D coordinates by means of stripe pattern projection. A high resolution digital camera reads the projected stripe patterns and translates them into spatial information. This way, we can document proportions and surfaces and compare them for various sculptural objects.

To record sculptures of various sizes from different perspectives, we also need stable and professional tripod systems. The Munich based photo wholesaler Dinkel GmbH equips our project with heavy-duty Manfrotto camera and lighting tripods, tripod heads and extension arms.

For the presentation of results over the Internet, we will set up an online Database with a special interactive server technology, created by the Internet service agency 

Besides, we co-operate with the Museums we plan to visit, with other cultural heritage initiatives like the 3D MURALE project set up by Brunel University, and with other institutions and companies with a special expertise in the field of studying art objects in three dimensions.



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