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Team members:

Hans de Roos, project leader  

Studied Political and Social Sciences
in Amsterdam and Berlin
Photographer, initiator of the Rodin
Photo Project (since 1992)
Publisher RODIN-WEB, author on
Rodin-related questions
Speaker at the Toronto Rodin  
Initiator of and

Borbála Kozma

   Studied Business Administration in
        Vienna, Munich and at the Hogeschool
        van Utrecht in Holland
   Economical background research
   Organization, Bookkeeping


Esther Dieckhoff

   Studied Art History at the 
        University Erlangen
   Worked for various galleries, 
        publishers, cultural initiatives
   Organization, Internet editing, digital 
        photo- and video editing
   Travel planning


Alida Kreutzer

Studies Literature and Intercultural     
Communication at the Ludwigs-
Maximilian University, Munich
Historical, biographical background
Project video documentation

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